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In order to get real listens on Spotify and increase your chances of making it on to the "Discover Weekly" and other popular Spotify trending playlists we first place your song in targeted playlists that receive enough traffic and real exposure to trigger Spotify's algorithms that in turn break undiscovered artists into their discovery system leading to potentially millions and millions of plays and exposure.

  • we have access to 20 extremely popular indie playlists
  • these playlists are targeted to R&B, Hip-Hop and Rap
  • first we review the overall quality of the track
  • then we decide which playlists your compatible for
  • then we decide how many playlists we will add you to
  • we can add you to a maximum of 20 indie playlists
  • within 4-7 days your song is added to the playlists
  • this is when the bulk of engagement begins
  • the better the song, the quicker the plays bubble
  • the more plays you have you increase chances of Discovery
  • 100% of all songs reach over 50,000 plays on Spotify

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In order to truly grow an authentic and engaged fan base on Twitter one of the first things you have to do is post often. Then after that it gets more scrupulous as far as posting engaging content, making sure that 75% of your posts contain a picture or visual of some kind. Using hashtags properly and knowing when not to use hashtags in order to accomplish a call to action. We make it easy by handling the hard stuff for you! We can post on your behalf, set up posts to be automatically shared at the best time of day to reach the most potentially interested users and we can do it at an affordable rate. We have two types of packages and each one is targeted towards growth, so lets call them Growth Package One and Growth Package Two (see more below).


  • includes constant retweets to every post you make
  • each tweet you post will be seen by 2-4 Million people
  • we run ads weekly to generate added exposure
  • grows your following on Twitter exponentially
  • you will average 30-50 Million Impressions monthly


  • includes constant retweets to every post you make
  • each tweet you post will be seen by 2-4 Million people
  • we run ads 24 hours a day to generate added exposure
  • grows your following on Twitter 2X faster than Package One
  • you will average 60-100 Million Impressions monthly

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With this service we will push one song of your choosing each month. The service is a subscription and you can cancel at anytime. We have found that artists we work with tend to prefer going this route when it comes to their SoundCloud marketing strategies due to the fact that it gives them some peace of mind and added motivation knowing that their song is being promoted and pushed to a new audience daily for 30 days. With good songs come great results so you can rest assured that by the time the new month approaches and your ready to push a new single, your previous single has already paved the way for the next one to come. 

  • we plug you in to popular indie playlists
  • 24 hour customer email support
  • reach only real listens from real people
  • campaigns start within 72 hours
  • minimum plays reached equals 50,000
  • get your song in the trending SoundCloud charts
  • affordable rates for any and all artists