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Get major placements on top streaming platforms like Spotify and SoundCloud.


We are excited to open our doors to the public and continue to pursue our mission of re-energizing the spirit of the independent artist with state of the artist products and services designed to break artists into the mainstream music community. Started by CEO Stephon Warren and Vice President Omer Cowherd - the two have been actively building their platform in order to impact the next wave of artists entering the major recording industry. Able to work with artists of all genres the two have found their niche from working with R&B, Hip-Hop and Pop recording artist. If you have any questions about your style of music or sub-genre feel free to reach out to us via our contact page. You can also check out our services page to see what we offer or reach out if you would like to speak with someone about a customized package or obtaining artist management. We look forward to working with new clients who both appreciate and value the commitment of a team whose focus is on your overall growth and success. Let's us help you today!



As an artist we want you to do just that, let us handle the rest so you can truly enjoy the pursuit of achieving your dreams

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